Putty (Demo)

Often the simplest answer is the most correct one. In video games, that means that when you take away all the high quality video, the complex button-mashing and the vast adventuring you distill gaming into several simple actions that make playing games fun.

Putty is by no means complex, nor finished, but is a simple game that will hold you for a few hours as you try and find the solutions. Using colored blocks with little eyes, the player can solve fairly complex puzzles.

Morphing and Merging are the two main tactics. Morphing is the action of clicking and drawing out how to change the shape of the colored blocks. Merging is combining of two or more colored blocks together to form one block bigger. That’s it. Those two actions compose almost all of the gameplay. The other main component is the player’s brain. The seemingly simple puzzles may take considerable time to figure out.

The game can be played using either Java Web Start or as a Java Applet embedded into a web browser. Check out Coke and Code for the latest version and for bugfixes.