Breath of Fire 3

Mad Goddesses, ancient technology and, of course, dragons. Breath of Fire 3 has it all. Taking place in a vaguely medieval world with the requisite man-tigers and fish-men the story follows Ryu as he comes to understand his place and history in a world of long hidden secrets.

To fans of traditional dungeon crawlers and turn-based role playing this game will be welcomed. Fighting through a series of random battles only to then fight a boss battle is par for the course. Magic usage and the combination of each character’s unique skills will be needed to defeat some of the more complex battles.

Dragons, part of all of the Breath of Fire games, are here as well with Ryu having the ability to transform in a variety of dragon forms. The crystallized forms of dragons long dead speak to Ryu to grant him new forms as he adventures.

Like to fish or at least play a minigame that resembles fishing? The fishing minigame that is a part of many Breath of Fire games is back as well as other small activities. Timed pushing of buttons and simple math skills will get the player through small plot points that help to break up the story and dungeon crawling.

The PSP version is true to the original PlayStation version. Allowing instant access to the fishing minigame and a visual redesign to fit the wider screen, fans will find the remake to be a faithful to the original. Newcomers to the series will find Breath of Fire 3 to be a classic example of traditional role playing games with an engaging story with overtones of sacrifice and redemption.