Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

Cars crashing. Slow motion action sequences. Velociraptors. If you thought those things had no place together, you’d be wrong. Feeding vague feelings of genocide with a touch of Jurassic jungle driving, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari laughs at dinosaur crossing signs and dares you to take the jump.

The brainchild of Flashbang, a “deliberately small independent video game developer”, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari was created in only eight weeks because “we wanted to play it.”

Gameplay consists of trying to make jumps, finding colored orbs and crashing into as many velociraptors as possible. Using a rugged all-terrain vehicle driven by a velociraptor, you drive through prehistoric canyons and valleys. Additional points can be earned by using a spiked capture ball that is chained to the vehicle to achieve the maximum number of raptors trailing behind you as you take a jump off of a ramp at full speed.

Creating an account enables saving of any high score that is earned and general tracking of achievements unlocked. With achievements such as End World Hunger, killing twenty raptors in one game, and Insurance Fraud, completely destroying the jeep, definite bragging to friends can be gained from signing up and sharping skills.

Play is free from