Capcom Arcade Classics Remixed

If you were to pick one arcade collection for the PSP, you would hardly go wrong with Capcom Arcade Classics Remixed. Containing a wide section of games from the late 1980s through early 1990s, it scratches that itch to play arcade classics on the go. Ranging from simple puzzle games, like Block Block, to the hard to classify Quiz & Dragons, with board game elements to fight dragons and quizzes about pop-culture, it has a bit of something for everyone.

I personally really like playing 1941: Counter Attack. Years ago, I was a huge fan of the NES version of 1942. I’m not quite sure why I liked it. I was never that great at it. I’d make it two, maybe three, levels into the game on any one play and then have to start over. Yet I played it over and over. I probably played it as much, if not more, than The Legend of Zelda or even Super Mario Bros, the more notable classics. Playing 1941: Counter Attack was like being back in my childhood, only this time with extra advantage. Infinite continues, an optional setting on most games in the collection, provided me with a leisurely pace as I plowed my way through the game without having to worry about that one inevitable mistake that would always put me back at the title screen in the past.

Including Street Fighter in this collection is an interesting move. While many swear that the later games in the series are, arguably, some of the best fighting games in existence, very few praise the original. I will admit I found it frustrating. While introducing some of elements, and characters, that made the later games great, this game does not merit much pause other than to signify the roots of the popular franchise.

With a set of twenty games total to try, a new challenge or forgotten love could easily be found. While somewhat heavy on shooters, both vertical and side-scrolling, it has a reasonable balance of genres. With a plethora of extra information and options of play, the replay value is very large here. With the added option of infinite continues, even those ever elusive endings can be achieved at long last.