Playing: Fallout 3, Braid, Rock Band

Fallout 3

I’m done with it. I’ll probably pick it back up next week once the new content comes out but for now I’m done with it. It got to the point that the only reason I was playing anymore was to get through a quest, one quest at a time. I wasn’t really having much fun exploring the Wasteland or interacting with people. It just gave me a headache. All that grey and brown. It reached a point last night where I just decided to finish out the main story quest. I have a save point right before the very end that allows me to play more but I just don’t want to anymore.


I put some more time in the other day. I’ve now walked through all the worlds and made it to the part where it will no longer let you go farther without having completed the puzzles.

I’ve played enough now that the interesting gimmick of rewinding has warn off and now it’s time for the try-fail cycles to take place. I worked on a few of the platforming puzzles and they just annoyed me. The earlier ones aren’t too hard but the later ones became frustrating quickly as I died over and over. I may have to look for a FAQ.

Rock Band

I picked a few of the tracks that had come out since I’d last played the game. Mostly Steve Miller Band stuff.

The game doesn’t really have much of a life without group-play. After about a hour or so, I get bored playing the songs by myself. Not that the songs get boring but it becomes a matter of playing some of the same songs over and over in different difficulties.