Reading: Karen Chance

I tried some general listing last week but felt maybe that wasn’t enough. This week I’ve supplied short summaries of the books too. I’m still trying to figure out what I want these posts to be.

Last Week
(07 March – 13 March 2009)

Kim Harrison – Hollows 07 – White Witch, Black Curse

Rachel Morgan continues to deal with the death of Kristian while trying to remember the details of the attack that killed him — twice. In the kind of plot threading Kim Harrison is known for, Rachel must deal with being shunned by the magic community, being the apprentice of a demon and, as always, trying to find a way to save her vampire friend from losing her mind – and soul.

Carrie Vaughn – Kitty Norville 06 – Kitty Raises Hell

Kitty has been through hell this last year. Having been outed on national television as a werewolf, getting married, becoming the leader of her local pack and continuing her daily radio show, her life is anything but easy. But when a jinn, a fire demon, shows up and starts torching the places and people she cares about, she is forced to choose. Should she side with the new mysterious demon hunter and vampire Roman, or continue to support Rick, the new master vampire of the city of Denver.

Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer 01 – Touch The Dark

Cassandra Palmer just wants a normal life. Having fled from the vampires who killed her parents, kidnapped her and raised her, she lives in fear of being attacked and dragged back into a life of service. A good clairvoyant is worth a lot of money and Cassandra is one of the best. Having been attacked by a group of vampires one night, she learns that her roommate is actually a master vampire whose sole job is to protect her in case she starts to show the powers of the next Pythia, the chief protector of time for each generation. As her powers start to develop, she involuntarily time travels and accidentally changes the past. She is not the only one changing the past however, the heir to the Pythia is trying to stop Cassandra from becoming the Pythia at all costs, including starting a war within the magic community and changing history itself.

Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer 02 – Claimed by Shadow

Cassandra Palmer has all but the final rite to finish before becoming the Pythia. Having corrected the timeline, Myra, the heir to the last Pythia, changed has left her tired. All is not well in the magical community either as war has started between the various factions. Cassandra must now cross back upon her own timeline while trying to avoid being the slave of any one faction as she tries to avoid being erased from history entirely. Traveling back in time and into the land of Faerie itself all becomes part of her quest to once and for all destroy Myra and the vampires that killed her parents.

Karen Chance – Cassandra Palmer 03 – Embrace the Night

Being the Pythia is no easy task for Cassandra Palmer. Having the power to change the past, present and future puts her in the spotlight and the target of all the major powers in the magical community. Demons, Mages and even vampires all seek her favor through any means necessary including seduction spells and death threats. Cassandra must stay one step away from all of her troubles while trying to locate a missing book of magic – written by Merlin himself. As she continues to cross her own timeline again and recruit friends in the past, she learns some troubling secrets about her friends and what being the Pythia really means to both the world and reality itself.