Playing: Prince of Persia, Rock Band, Fallout 3

Prince of Persia

I’ve been trying to get back into this game but it’s hard. I’ve had it crash a couple more times on me. Each time I lost over 30 minutes of play. I should not have to fear that the game will crash every time I play it.  Despite my problems though I hope to finish it at some point this upcoming week.

Rock Band

As always, I’m going slowly through the World Tour mode. I finished up another city today but there are quite a few left.

I plugged in my drumset and have been working the solo tour. I finished Easy mode and started in on Medium.

Fallout 3

Having played as a Good character, I wanted to re-play parts of the game as an Evil character. So, I started the game over last night.

As soon as I was given the chance, I blew up the city of Megaton. Then I proceeded to murder everyone in Tenpenny Tower.  I’m playing as an all out Evil person.  No one will stand in my way.