I am super important, my thoughts doubly so

Blogging and I share a strange relationship.

I love the ability to sit down and within minutes publish my thoughts to the world. Citizen journalism, bureaucratic transparency and even instantaneous information access. These things arise from the simplicity of entry. Free flow of information has broken down the old gateways of data. Those that stood as guards against the hoards have been emasculated. Those limited by publishers can now set free their books. Those that were restricted by their governments can now reach out for help. Those that have the Next Great Ideas but not the means to disseminate now can. Unprecedented access to oceans of knowledge now exist. This is what I love. It is also what I hate.

If there is no door, what is stopping anyone from walking into a house? If there is no guard to monitor who can enter, who is stopping the Unwashed Hoards from entry? The answer? No one. Anyone with any little thought can now post. Want to write a story about how Batman and Jar Jar Binks have a secret love affair? Now you can. And not only can you write and post it but millions of people can find it through the inherit inter-connectivity of the Internet. Have the next Best American Novel but have been rejected by every publisher? Publish it yourself. Now everyone can read your great insights into the American Dream and how it applies to 50 Cent and the Corn Syrup industry. This is what I hate. Just because you can is not always a good reason for doing something.

I can’t decide. Most of the time I am in the Love category. Despite not being the best anything, I can still post my musing. I can talk about what I am doing and how I feel about it without having to clear my thoughts with anyone else. I have no boss or even copy editor to go through. I can just type and post. Simple.

Recently, these feelings have again fallen into doubt. Should I really post my thoughts? Are my theories and current musing really that important? I don’t know.

[If you really care, I’m still playing LEGO: Indiana Jones and have started reading House of Leaves.]

One thought on “I am super important, my thoughts doubly so

  1. corporalgrenwick


    House of Leaves!

    On topic:
    I always enjoy reading your posts They give an insight into the inner Videlais and also clue me into possible future games/books to read as well as things to think about/ponder.

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