Pun Title: Thoughts about a Video Game

I played a video game and thought about things. When I was playing it, I was having fun. Or, perhaps, I wasn’t. It might be the best video game I have ever played, the worst, or just another video game I have played. However, I had thoughts while playing it.

Actually, it reminds me of another related time in my life. Or maybe a time that hasn’t happened yet. Of course, it might just be a fictional narrative about the events in the video game mixing with my life at the moment I was playing it. All of those things, plus a seemingly unrelated note on how my personal relationships are fairing as I write this.

The anecdote starts here. It details information I found interesting about the video game I wrote about at the beginning. This is also the point where I mention what I am actually writing about. It is probably something serious about my life and will make you either sad or happy. It will be both personal and yet universal.

The anecdote continues into this paragraph. It will be hard to determine where it is going at first, but it will be told in an entertaining way. For a few sentences, I will no longer be writing about a video game at all. The anecdote will be engaging. Or maybe enraging. It will relate some intimate thoughts or revelations I have experienced about life, the universe, or be connected to the earlier relationship mentioned in passing. As this paragraph ends, it will start to wrap up the anecdote.

This next part will connected back to the video game I played. The anecdote will dovetail nicely into the story about the video game and both narratives will converge at the single point when I was playing. The past, present, or future related time will suddenly become relevant to the writing about the video game as it will serve as a key to the anecdote, explaining it through the simple or complex story about my life.

By this point, the anecdote will be over. However, I will feel the need to reference it as I wrap up the writing about thoughts I had while playing the video game. Depending on my mood, I will either try to make some point about video games and life, or maybe I will just write more about the revelation and how video games are never going to allow me that experience again. At least once, however, I will mention that video games either are or are not capable of being more than they are currently.

As I close out the last final paragraph, I will talk about my life, video games and the intersection of the two. I either loved, hated, or had some emotional response within the spectrum of the two about the video game. I might recommend it to others who like to like video games that are similar to those they already like. Alternatively, I might write that it is too different from other video games within its genre. If I am particularly moody, I will question the video game’s genre or how video games are organized overall before I finally end the paragraph.

It was the best. It was the worst. I played a video game. These were my thoughts.

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