Witty Use of a Video Game Title: A Series of Loosely Connected Events

It begins with something unexpected. The first sentence will hook the reader with something catchy or witty. Yet, the entire first event will only tangentially be related to the clever use of the video game’s title. Mostly likely about the writer arriving or departing from a place, the first event will, of course, be personal in nature.

There is a good chance it will have a second paragraph that will include details about how unexpected, planned, or normal the place was upon first arriving or departing. However, the second paragraph be shorter than the first. It will end on a potentially foreshadowing element.


The second event will be connected to the first in some way. After arriving or departing, emotions were experienced by the writer. This paragraph will explore those feelings through the use of dialogue or a physical transition between places, probably the first to second event. If the place being written about is part of a gathering of people, this paragraph will end with a quotation from one of them.

This is entirely optional. Given the transition point in the first paragraph of the second event, it might be necessary to create the sense of movement through time by adding a greater amount of negative space on the page at this point. If this paragraph is used though, it will be a closure of the first event through a reflection on the second event. They will either be compared or contrasted.


The video game will be mentioned at this point, if it has not been already. The title might be worked into a joke or understanding of this third event. Throughout this paragraph, the writer will work in references to the place, if there is one, and how similar or different it was to what they expected. When they either arrived or departed, they felt one way. Now, they feel the same or different and it was playing the game that ties the previous two events to this third one.

This paragraph will be used to create some symmetry with the visual layout. If there were two paragraphs per event, another will be needed here too. Each event should hold equal weight, not unlike links in a chain that unifies the entire essay. Some type of metaphor about the game, the events, or even the writing itself will be used in this paragraph.


The foreshadowed element will be revealed here. Given the loose construction of the events, however, it will hopefully be a surprise to the reader. Alternately, a wholly different event or even perspective on an earlier event will compose this paragraph. The writer may even unexpectedly end the paragraph.

If the writer arrived at a place, this paragraph will detail their leaving. If they departed, they will either arrive at a new location or return to the place they left. It will only be through the journey of either arriving or leaving a new or old place that the writer know understands something they knew, were told, or always thought might be the case.


The writer will now write about themselves, their revelation, or how the video game connected all the events of the essay together. Each seemingly unconnected event will all align and, if the writer is good enough, there will be no other correct ordering of the events. The video game’s title will appear again.

The last paragraph will make some references to a lesson or moral learned, or just an emotion felt by the writer. It will mirror in tone, content, or layout the first event and try to evoke a greater symmetry to the entire essay. It will also contain the witty use of the video game’s title as a way to summarize the entire collection of events into a singular sentence, word or common phrase. Like the other events though, this too will end with words that signify a transition into something upcoming in the essay without there actually being anything else after this.