Hot Scoops: Video Game News

You start at the first sentence. It presents details about a company, person, or object before moving to the historical context of the information. You realize the paragraphs are rather short.

This is history. Before this information was new, other events happened. As you read them in the order they appear, you develop an understanding of a narrative as arranged by the writer. This sentence is padding.

The layout of the article consists of short sentences, conveying urgency and movement. Every detail will seem important, or, at least, that will be the message presented by the article. Some paragraphs will only have two sentences.

The information is now in context. After reading just over a hundred words, you wonder if the headline itself was enough.

As the article continues, you begin to consider if the writer earns money per word they write. The confirmation of this hypothesis arrives as you suddenly understand nothing else will be written about the new details, its context, or why it might be important.

By this point, you are bored with this article, but keep out hope that something interesting may still appear. Your disappointment with this paragraph comes when it merely reiterates the details, and its connection to other companies, people, or objects within the video game industry. You give up hope at this point.

To close out the article, the source of the information appears. You see a link or the name of another website. The entire article will be 250 words total.