How about this video game spoiler?

The title of the article will give away some element of a video game that some people somewhere consider a spoiler about a game they may or may not have played yet — or even plan to ever play. Be it an unexpected character death (or birth) or even change in the mechanics at a later part of a video game, the question posed in the title of the article will reveal something about something else about a video game. Without establishing where this spoiler occurs in the game, the article will continue.

The author will assume that anyone reading this article has played this video game and read about, seen a mention of, heard rumors to the effect, or otherwise experienced the moment where the spoiler happens. Having processed the title before this point in the article, this will be true for all readers. The information will now stop being classified as a spoiler.

The context of the aforementioned information and how it might shape an understanding of the overall narrative of the video game will start here. Beginning as the author expressing their own feelings about it, questions will be posed of the assumed audience of the website, their knowledge of the video game, and the likelihood that comments will be written. By addressing how they felt, the author will encourage others to express their own emotional states before, during, and after the moment when they received and processed information that contradicted or confirmed their previous expectations of the video game.

Depending on how the information might be connected to other video games, this paragraph could be filled with speculation about how the characters, events, or the intersection of the two may, might, or already has lead to events in other stories. This paragraph could even have an elaborate hypothesis about how the stories of multiple video games are, in fact, one overarching story. There might even be links to other sources that confirm this or other theories.

The article will close with a call to action. By asking if other people also felt emotions concerning the information, the author will once again try to start a discussion about the it, the connection to the video game from where it came from, what it might mean, and its possible relation to other information about other video games. This paragraph will end with with another question, possibly the same one that is the title of the article.