Writing About Writing About A Video Game: A Narrative

It’s clear from the first sentence that this won’t be about the video game in the title at all. You can tell that much without having to read too much of the article. In fact, it will mostly be a narrative about the process of writing about having to write about a video game in some way. Either as coverage for part of an event attended or through the normal routine of covering the latest video game, this article will entirely be about the author trying to find the right words for describing a video game and then deciding to write about the writing instead.

The author did not know how to write about the video game. You can detect that going into the second paragraph. Because it is about the process of writing now, the article will reference itself and where and what the author was doing as they were thinking about writing about the writing. They may even write that they thought about the video game, how to communicate those thoughts, and then decided to create a new approach in order get convey the complexity of trying to write about video games.

You may even start to feel sympathy for the author at this point. Their job, be it paying or otherwise, must be very hard if they must get creative in order to deliver information about a video game. Having read what they wrote about their writing though, this will seem strange. After all, if they can write about writing about a video game, why couldn’t they write about a video game in the first place?

This suspicion will grow in your mind as you continue to read this account. Having thus decided to write about writing, the fourth paragraph will cover the video game itself and how the author reacted upon playing it for the first, last, or some other time. The author was conflicted on how to relay how they thought, felt, or otherwise experienced to other people. They will carefully explain away the methodology that brought them to this point in the narrative and the article itself too.

You will wonder if this narrative is worth continuing. The author played a video game for some amount of time and has written several hundred words of an article about it. Even discounting the words about the writing itself, this will still constitute a good number of them covering the video game. However, the narrative will not end here. Since it is now about the writing, it must include some conclusion including how the words were finally presented.

The words were edited. You know this. Upon reading them, you will have already internalized that some working went into their layout and ordering. Yet, the article will want to close on how video games are like writing — they can take you to unexpected place. Some type of metaphor will be used at the end of the article. It may not seem effective to you after reading it.