Twine chain stories

I thought I was Twine’d out. After creating dozens of experiments and projects, writing some guides and even making some videos this year, I finally reached a point a few weeks ago when I got really tired of Twine. After spending several days trying to get some JavaScript to communicate between Twine’s wiki syntax and actual JS, I gave up with it. I’d had enough.

Today though, I ran across Let’s All Twine Together! It’ll Be Awesome! — twice! — and thought it was an interesting approach I hadn’t seen before using Twine. So, after contributing to Escape from Cthulhu and sending in my own rain rain crops, I thought I’d write up a quick blog post about it too.

That’s what this is: signal boosting for this chain story project thing. If you are interested, go read Jenni’s blog post and download the instructions. It’s a neat thing and I’m interested to see what happens when different writers work together on Twine stories.

One thought on “Twine chain stories

  1. Jenni

    Thanks for the signal boost! The restrictions on rain rain crops are solid gold, I had a ton of fun adding my five passages.

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