Twine chain stories

I thought I was Twine’d out. After creating dozens of experiments and projects, writing some guides and even making some videos this year, I finally reached a point a few weeks ago when I got really tired of Twine. After spending several days trying to get some JavaScript to communicate between Twine’s wiki syntax and actual JS, I gave up with it. I’d had enough.

Today though, I ran across Let’s All Twine Together! It’ll Be Awesome! — twice! — and thought it was an interesting approach I hadn’t seen before using Twine. So, after contributing to Escape from Cthulhu and sending in my own rain rain crops, I thought I’d write up a quick blog post about it too.

That’s what this is: signal boosting for this chain story project thing. If you are interested, go read Jenni’s blog post and download the instructions. It’s a neat thing and I’m interested to see what happens when different writers work together on Twine stories.

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  1. Thanks for the signal boost! The restrictions on rain rain crops are solid gold, I had a ton of fun adding my five passages.

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