Newest Gaming Consoles Will Also Play Games, Reports Claim

VIRGINIA, USA — The latest reports out of the gaming industry claim that the newest generation of video game consoles will also play games. This comes after rumors of the next generation of all major gaming consoles being made into media centers to feature streaming content and social network connectivity. In direct contradiction to many sources and presentations, several executives in top gaming studios have come forward recently to confirm that, yes, the latest gaming consoles will also play games.

However, they all stress that this content is not the primary concern for hardcore games.  Asking to remain anonymous, one commented, “We expect streaming to be the future. Moving forward, gamers will no longer play games themselves, but watch others play games for them.” Such technology has been in the works for many years, said another. “Soon, a select few will play for everyone else. We see this as the natural evolution of ‘Let’s Play’ videos.”

While often regarded with little interest by the mainstream press, the growth of ‘Let’s Play’ videos has exploded in recent years. Often explained as recorded sessions with commentary, many ‘Let’s Play’ videos can have millions of views on video sharing sites, with dedicated followers showing up each week for a new video.

With the shift towards streaming services, many insider sources promised that the latest gaming consoles would have  little to no actual controller input. During one talk at a recent convention, a producer even promised “limited ability to control [the game]. What we have now is a series of videos played by someone in-house. The player, or as we like to call them ‘viewer’, is pressing buttons to move from one scene to another.”

Yet, the industry reports out today stress that, despite much evidence to contrary, video games will indeed be playable on gaming consoles.  With many indies studios included in their data, the reports lay out the future as predicted by hundreds of interviews. It confirms that several coming games will, in fact, have input-to-screen-movement mechanics. Many will even include the ability to start a game or not, claimed one report.