The Vidalia: Kingdom fearful of ‘mushroom stealer’

MUSHROOM KINGDOM — Multiple reported sightings of a ‘mushroom stealer’ have been received in the last 24 hours. From the coast to the outskirts of the castles themselves, people throughout the kingdom are saying that their latest crops have been stolen and farming equipment destroyed.

At some point late yesterday before sunset, as many had cleared the streets and retired for their afternoon nap, at least one known culprit made their way across the kingdom, taking the latest harvest of mushrooms from their containers, breaking open the Brick (TM) systems to get at their contents.

Many residents are reporting losses of up to 90% of their crop, leaving them with very little to bring to the market during the upcoming selling season. Worse still, others are admitting that, in addition to the mushrooms, some if not all of their money was taken too. Although the total economic impact is yet to be determined, the forecast is predicted to be grim for many.

When reached for comment on this story, Director of Commerce Toad had this to say, “We are working to bring this terrorist to justice. This unprovoked attack on our livelihood will not go unpunished.”