The Vidalia: Local man finds 100 rupees in cut grass

HYRULE — When cutting his grass this past Thursday,  Ezlus, 37, found a large amount of rupees, 100 in total. Compacted into a single form, Ezlus was seen mowing his lawn and then, after passing over a certain section, stopping and thrusting the object into the air. He is reported to have held this form for several seconds before finally putting the amount into his pocket and continuing.

This comes after centuries of objects being found in tall grass throughout Hyrule. Inexplicable chunks of still-beating hearts and various jewelry pieces have been discovered at times. Rumors even continue to circulate about portals to other worlds and hidden merchants found when cutting tall grass at certain times and in specific areas.

As per their annual notice, the Hyrule Royal family reminds all of its citizens that such prizes, while quite rare, should be included and noted on tax forms. Such finds do not constitute gifts and, as found as the result of work, are income and should be reported as such.