The Vidalia: When searched, dead man’s ‘balls found to contain bones

ETERNA CITY — More details are now available on the dead body found in the tall grass outside Eterna City recently. While the identity of the body has still not been released to the public, official sources have confirmed that this person was a ‘ young, male Pokémon trainer’ in statement made earlier today.

The statement also confirms that body was found along with a number of Poké Balls, all reported to also contain bones. This collaborates the commenting on the initial find by an anonymous officer of “It’s like he didn’t feed them for days, perhaps even weeks.” The names and types of the Pokémon bones have also not been officially released.

No charges have been filed against the still unknown body, but many sources report that to be a possibility moving forward. Conspiracy to Neglect is still a very serious crime, with many Pokémon anti-abuse groups advocating stricter laws and more governmental oversight for the seemingly ever-growing trend of young teenagers leaving their homes to catch wild animals in the tall grass and deep woods off interstate highways.