The Vidalia: Commander caught propositioning female coworkers every few hours

COUNCIL SPACE — In a disturbing report filed with the Citadel Council today, an anonymous member of a ship registered with the Spectres has logged a staggering number of sexual harassment entries. Listed in the thousands, they all detail the same offender: the commander of the ship.

Stated to have started as soon as the ship left port, the entries include the times and locations of the commander of the vessel talking near exclusively with female members of the ship. The commander in question would, according to the report, ask personal questions of said self-identified female members of the ship about their personal lives and daily habits before and after each and every mission. After each exchange, the commander would end the conversation with an invitation to “come to my personal cabin to see my fish tank.”

As of time of publication, the Citadel Council has yet to make a ruling on the material.