The Vidalia: City rejects plan for more roadway ‘loops’

GREEN HILL ZONE — The local city council has voted today to reject a plan that would have introduced more ‘loops’ into the roadways and foothills of the area. The narrow vote, 5 to 4, cancelled a proposed plan by the Robotnik Corporation to add several more ‘loops’ to the already large number over the next five to seven years.

Although labelled by some as a ‘job creator’ program, the contract would have expanded the total number of ‘loops’ by close to double, constituting nearly 25% of all total road space. However, say numerous conservationists groups, the new construction would have also disrupted the natural environments of countless animals and potentially ruined the landscape for years to come.

Many public health groups have also been in support of preventing the plan, quoting the large number of injuries from people trying to pass through the ‘loops’ and falling from not having sufficient speed. They also list the frequent placement of spikes near ‘loops’ among their list of concerns for any future plans.