The Vidalia: ‘Wizard’ caught handing out swords to young boys in local cave

HYRULE — A successful undercover operation by the Royal Guard has been revealed to the public today after the arrest of a man recorded secretly buying and handing out swords to young boys from a local cave. In a video released to the press, a man calling himself a ‘wizard,’ is seen offering “adventures” to an undercover agent before presenting a sword with the promise that “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”

The ‘wizard’ is listed in the arrest report as frequently seen wearing red robes with white hair and beard. The report also details the currently unnamed man surrounding himself with fire pits in his cave and with numerous words inscribed on its ceiling

The exact location of the cave is still undisclosed to the public pending the investigation at this time. However, some speculation holds that its placement is a secret to everyone.