#TwineTuesday: Twine 2: Inventory Systems


An overview of two different ways of thinking about inventory systems in Twine: the user starts with everything (explicit), or the player gains or loses things (implicit). Both using the (datamap:) and (dataset:) macros.

Proof Copy: http://videlaisstudios.info/teaching/twine/Inventory.html

Twine 2: http://twinery.org/

Tutorial Video Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlXuD3kyVEr5tlic4SRe6ZG-R9OyS1T4d

One thought on “#TwineTuesday: Twine 2: Inventory Systems

  1. Eddie

    Hi there =) I enjoyed your video, very well explained, but not quite what I was looking for. I do not have much/any programming knowledge, and I’m currently using an inventory system in my story (which runs in sugarcube), but it can only store strings not objects, which means I can’t increment. As in, the player has a stick, and finds another stick. I can’t make the inventory state Stick x 2 without if/elseif trickery, which is tedious, ugly, and prone to errors. If I could get the inventory to accept variables and print them as strings, that would work as well.

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