A demo GIF of Guts

#LOWREZJAM: Dev Diary #4


Dev Update

Well, I missed the first deadline. When I originally started this jam, it was 19 May. Everything had to be done by that date. But then, at some point I guess, Game Jolt became part of it and the deadline was extended to the whole month of May. So, at least in my mind anyway, I missed that original deadline. And I’m kinda bummed about that.

However, despite dealing with a number of distractions since my last post on this, I’m still mostly on track for getting everything done within in the next 24 hours. All I have left is to add in Gutsman himself and then do more testing. So far, I’ve got a few frames of him drawn, but I haven’t worked out how I want his AI to work yet. That’s probably what I’m going to add in last.

I’m also not really holding to 32×32 pixels rules anymore either. As I noted in my first post, up-scaling images in not easy cross-browser. Even with using a canvas-to-canvas scaling trick, it still didn’t look right to me. So, I’ve basically decided to just release this on my own site when I’m done and not bother with putting it up on Game Jolt as many others have done.

Art + Code

Since I’m finally done with the tile art, I’ve posted it to Open Game Art for people to use under a CC BY 3.0 license. If you want a 8×8 pixel tileset that look like, but is notably dissimilar from, those in the Gutsman stage of Mega Man, you can use those. (Or, do like I do, and use them for inspiration to draw your own.)

This post, I’m also sharing the code that drives the AI behind the Picket Men. Unlike previous posts, though, I’m also sharing the code that drives it from within the game state’s update loop too.


Here is also the code that drives the Bigeye and its update code as well.