Shadow of the Colossus

Standing before me is a colossal beast. Grotesque in its size and prowess, the ground trembles with its movement. In my hand is a sword, on my back a bow. I tighten my grip on the sword and raise it to the sky. Light streaks toward the monstrosity and a weakness is revealed. As the lumbering beast starts toward me I charge it…

If there is one word that describes this game it is Epic. The game world is massive. When you see mountains in the distance, they are not just a nice backdrop but true steep areas that can traversed to explore new realms. With no loading screens between areas, exploration of the wide world is easy. Riding your horse is the easiest way to explore. Walking and climbing is still needed at times though to get into those out of the way places off the open plains.

I can’t profess to knowing much of the story. Since it is revealed over time, my little amount of play gave me little in the way of an explanation of the plot. Despite this, I do know that I want to find out more.

I sucked at this game. Within my two hours of play, I managed to defeat none of the Colossi and even died a large number of times. I’m not sure why but I could not seem to get a handle on the more realistic fighting. Used to smashing buttons and turn based strategies, I had a great deal of difficulty.

Chances are you will like this. Many people, including critics, sing the praises of this game. For its massive world, with no loading, and engaging story, it will grab you. If you are like me, and lacking in adventure game skills, you might have trouble but will be addicted enough to wonder what will happen should all the Colossi be finally destroyed.