Playing: Rock Band, The Maw, Devil May Cry 4

Rock Band

I finally got fed up with playing the game by my lonesome. All those achievements that can only be accessed by playing in World Tour mode finally convined me to try a one-man band.

I opted for a guitar + singing combination and have been having some luck. Playing songs on Easy has been, uh, easy. Trying to up the difficulty has made the game hurt me. Physcially. My wrists began to get really sore after a couple of those really long (6+ song) sets. I’ve since only been doing the smaller sets and only a couple a day. Still, I’m having fun… in small doses.

The Maw

It’s delightful. I’ve only made it a couple of levels in but am convinced that it is definitely worth $10. Maybe not more than that, but definitely $10 worth of game.

If you’ve never heard anything about it, then let me sum it up for you. It’s an adventure game framework around a series of puzzles that are solved by a blob that acts like Kirby – gets the powers of the creatures he eats – and while slowly growing bigger level by level. He’s led around on a leash by an anthropomorphic alien that finds and helps the Maw after they both survive a spaceship crash.

It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s geared more toward Family Friendly (TM) gamers.

Devil May Cry 4 (360)

My entire reason for getting this game from Gamefly was for points. I want more gamerscore points.

I’ve already beaten this game on the PC using a 360 controller. I’m pretty sure I can do it again. That said, this second time ’round I’m still getting stuck in the same situations. The places that I hated the first time, I’m hating the second time. Still, I now know how to game the, ah, game and can unlock things faster this time.