The Vidalia: Mystery woman destroys building during ‘screw attack’ incident

TWIN TABULA, SPIRAL SECTOR — In a training camp north of the main city, an unknown woman destroyed a building using what many experts are now calling a ‘screw attack’ maneuver. While currently no fatalities have been reported, the property damage is estimated to be in the millions.

With some details still missing, what is currently known is that the woman, who the Galactic Federation are naming a ‘training consultant,’ was in the process of demonstrating an advanced transformation technique called a ‘screw attack’ when she lost control and collided with a nearby building. Within only a few seconds of impact, the building was seen collapsing as the woman appeared on the other side unharmed.

As per their official scan point, the Galactic Federation describe the ‘screw attack’ maneuver as one in which “the rotation force of a humanoid’s body is quickly converted to kinetic energy along its event horizon. As the body continues to rotate, this energy manifests as a ‘wave’ of exotic and deadly particles.”

At time of publication, the Galactic Federation are refusing to comment on who the woman is beyond her title and why she was using such a potentially devastating technique outside of the marked safe combat zones.