The Vidalia: Unnamed ‘Senior Military Officer’ seen constantly jumping during briefing

UNSC INFINITY, OORT CLOUD — In a video that was quickly shared and then taken down by the UNSCDF due to ‘security concerns,’ an unnamed ‘Senior Military Officer’ is shown hopping up and down during what is assumed to be a mission briefing. Although few other details are known at this time, some speculation has it that this was possibly a SPARTAN from what is seen of the armor on the person in question.

In the grainy footage, this Officer is seen jumping up and down while pausing briefly between movements. All others in the meeting seem obvious to this action, turning to speak directly to the Officer before looking back at a nearby screen. Even during the potentially tense moment when the Officer clearly aims a weapon at another soldier, no reaction can be seen to indicate an awareness of the activity.

This video, like all those leaked out over the past few months, show a very different view of UNSCDF than what is in official statements and news feeds. Although condemned by the UNSCDF as “frivolous propaganda,” many videos are appearing on remote terminals and prompting questions from many quarters on how serious training and the war itself is being taken by officers like the one in this latest video.