#LOWREZJAM: Dev Diary #2


As you can see in the above GIF, I’ve made some major progress since yesterday.

Instead of dwelling on trying to make everything exactly right and then dealing with scaling up all the images on a canvas level, I decided I would follow the spirit of the 32×32 grid rule — as Daniel suggested — and just make everything match a higher resolution. So, instead of 32×32, I drew everything to match the original 32×32 space to start, but then scaled everything in a paint program to match 480 by 480.

After fretting over it some this morning, I just decided I would bend the rule in order to get more enjoyment out of the process. And, honestly, I’m not taking part to win anything, anyway. It’s a fun challenge and, after deciding not to worry too much about scaling the images, I was able to finally get some major work done toward creating a level and starting to populate it with obstacles.

With that in mind, actually, I also decided I would share some of my code too. While it’s not the whole solution, here is my current code for Mega. It’s everything that governs the motion and shooting of the character moving around in the GIF.

Oh, and yes, I did comment nearly all of it too. It’s fairly straightforward code for creating a Phaser.Sprite subclass in JavaScript, but I’ve written out what it going on in the different parts.