Advanced Ren’Py: Part 4: Text and Button


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Ren’Py is a engine for creating visual novels. It comes with a suite of tools for taking code and transforming it into programs that can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even, with a little more work, mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Beyond the showing of text and images, Ren’Py can also be extended through introducing new user interface elements, changing its defaults images, and combining Python with its own code to create even more interactive projects.



Used throughout the examples in the screen language and position style properties sections, text has the most ability and extendable options. It supports escaping characters, interpolating data, and styling using tags.

Escaping Characters

Screenshot 2018-07-07 23.55.54

Commonly escaped characters like the double-quote, “, and single quote, ‘, can be escaped through using the backslash with the character within the text.

Screenshot 2018-07-07 23.56.47


Interpolating Data

Text in Ren’Py supports the ability to show the value of a variable. This is called interpolating.

Screenshot 2018-07-08 00.10.33

Through including brackets around the name of a variable, its value will be shown

Screenshot 2018-07-08 00.22.20


Style Tags

Text in Ren’Py supports many different style tags.

Screenshot 2018-07-08 02.48.33

Style tags start with braces and then are based on their letter or special keyword. They affect the text between their owning and closing usage.

Screenshot 2018-07-08 02.52.23



button is one of several different types of interactive elements in Ren’Py. Like other elements, it is defined through different style and interactive properties. (Created buttons can also use the built-in styles.)

Screenshot 2018-07-08 03.41.54

Screenshot 2018-07-08 03.45.00

Unless otherwise set, buttons will not react to user input. Using the hoveridle, or selected properties can help set the exact interaction wanted.