Customizing Ren’Py: Part 4: Special Screen Names and Overriding Screens


Working with Ren’Py:

Advanced Ren’Py:

Customizing Ren’Py:

Ren’Py + Python:

Ren’Py is a engine for creating visual novels. It comes with a suite of tools for taking code and transforming it into programs that can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even, with a little more work, mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Beyond the showing of text and images, Ren’Py can also be extended through introducing new user interface elements, changing its defaults images, and combining Python with its own code to create even more interactive projects.


Special Screen Names

There are a number of named screen names used during the normal operation of a project in Ren’Py. These special screen names including the following:

  • Say: how dialogue is presented
  • Choice: how choices are presented
  • Input: presentation of textual input
  • Main Menu: presentation of the main menu
  • Navigation: presentation of navigation options
  • Save: presentation of the save options
  • Load: presentation of the load options
  • Preferences: presentation of the preference options
  • Confirm: presentation of the confirmation options

Any interaction with an screen element in Ren’Py is defined somewhere in its project files. Using tools like the Style Inspector can help locate where and how these screens are defined.

Overriding Screens

Screenshot 2018-07-19 07.36.12

Like styles, special name screens can also be overridden. By including them after they are initially defined, any of the special named screens will use that definition instead.

Screenshot 2018-07-19 07.36.54

Screenshot 2018-07-19 07.43.35