Customizing Ren’Py: Part 1: Editing options.rpy


Working with Ren’Py:

Advanced Ren’Py:

Customizing Ren’Py:

Ren’Py + Python:

Ren’Py is a engine for creating visual novels. It comes with a suite of tools for taking code and transforming it into programs that can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even, with a little more work, mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Beyond the showing of text and images, Ren’Py can also be extended through introducing new user interface elements, changing its defaults images, and combining Python with its own code to create even more interactive projects.


Basic Options

Similar to editing the script.rpy file to change the script of the game, changing the options.rpy file allows for changing options.

Screenshot 2018-07-16 11.35.59

Some of the common options found starting at line 8 include the following:

  • human-readable name for the game
  • gui.show_name: if the title and version number should be shown on the main menu
  • config.version: the version of the game
  • gui.about: description of the game


Sounds and Music

The Sounds and Music section, lines 43 – 66, allow for changing if a mixer (Sound, Music, or Voice) is enabled and if there should be sample sounds.

Screenshot 2018-07-16 11.45.39



How events occur and the transitions between them can also be changed. Lines 67 – 97 define which transitions should occur when entering and exiting the game.

Screenshot 2018-07-16 11.56.59